The author was kind enough to forward the first three chapters of his book for my perusal and it's fair to say it takes the reader back to that easy style of the original Target paperbacks of the 1970's and 80's with its short, sharp sentences.

For fans of a more well-known time traveller there are enough puns and tongue-in-cheek references to keep you entertained, while common scenes we can all relate to are nicely turned on their heads. If you're after a simple rehash of our 'madman in a blue box' with poorly grafted humour bolted onto the side, then this isn't the book for you. If, on the other hand, those early novels sparked your imagination and you were eager to be carried along with the story then jump right in and fill your boots.

The first three chapters I was provided with set the tone of the story nicely and I'm intrigued to know how (pardon the pun) the characters story will pan out.

Looking forward to getting my full copy once it has been published.

Simon Day

I was forwarded the first three chapters of this work and I have to say I would love to read the rest! I did not stop grinning from start to finish. In all the books that I have read I have never come across anything quite so surreal or meta-fictional as this. It is a wonderful pastiche and parody of the early years of a certain well known sci-fi show and fans of that show (Hell, even people who hate that show) are gonna love this. It's just great fun! More please!

Mark Leney

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