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It's About Time...

...and Jokes.

Once there was this parody book called Doctor Whom. It wasn't very good. There weren't many jokes and it wasn't funny.

I thought about creating a series of books for charity, some by inexperienced authors and some by established writers (under pseudonyms) to get the series going. Naturally, as it was my idea I had to take the plunge and gave myself the short straw. I had to do the first one, the caveman one.

This was a lot more fun than I had anticipated. There were plenty of opportunities for nods and winks to the series and the format that were available. I also stumbled across a very appropriate plot given the times we are living in, which helped fill out the boring parts of the original story. And of course there were lots of jokes.

I asked Richard Young of Tiny Turtle Illustrations to provide a cover and he surpassed himself with a superb piece of artwork, which exceeded my expectations. You can find more of his work at his link here

I'm very proud of this book and let's hope we raise a good amount for a well deserving charity.

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